Securing our Elections

Mary has worked tirelessly to secure our elections and is the leading voice on important election security measures including Voter ID, secure ballot storage and protecting seniors from predatory ballot harvesting practices.

Mary will continue to prevent Big Tech money from trying to influence our elections. Last year’s “test run” is a dangerous threat that will remain unless we update and secure our laws.

Mary will provide clear communication and pro-active leadership for all 44 county election offices to make sure your vote is protected and guarantee our elections are safe and secure.

Serving Future Generations

The Secretary of State is one of five statewide officials to sit on the Land Board and oversees our important state endowment lands, which play a key role in funding K-12 education and children’s mental health. These endowment lands include timber, mining, water, and grazing lands.

Mary believes additional education opportunities will best prepare our children for the future. As a passionate advocate for education, Mary believes access to career technical education, charter schools and education choice are key opportunities our children deserve. She will also work to ensure our children’s mental health is prioritized and accessible for those who need it most.

Supporting our Economy

Mary will work to support Idaho’s economy and continue to be a strong voice for the livelihoods that depend on our endowment lands.

As a small business owner, Mary sees first-hand how red tape makes it more difficult to do business. She will use her experience on the Senate Commerce and Human Relations Committee which prioritizes reducing regulations to help create more jobs and strengthen our economy.

Additionally, timber, mining, and agriculture are critical economic sectors for our state which still face huge challenges from COVID. A sudden increase in fees will decimate the ranchers and farmers who worked so hard to keep our grocery stores stocked throughout COVID, so any changes must be made with care.

Mary will work to create flexibility in the leasing framework for our miners and provide stability in the face of future catastrophic events.