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Defending Honest Elections

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Pro-2nd Amendment

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Recognized as one of America’s Top 20 Election Integrity Superstars


  • One of only 12 State Legislators nationwide chosen as part of The Heritage Foundation’s Honest Elections Project.
  • Named one of America’s Top 20 Election Integrity Superstars by WorldNetDaily’s Whistleblower Magazine
  • Senator Mary Souza was the FIRST lawmaker in Idaho to expose Facebook money used to operate our public elections.
  • Senator Mary Souza was the FIRST state lawmaker in America to write legislation banning private money from being used for the operation of our elections. It is now law in Idaho.

Sponsor of 14 Election Integrity Bills Including:


S1168 - Bans outside private money to run our elections. Makes the Facebook Money illegal.

H299 - Prohibits colleges from giving incentives to influence a student’s vote.


S1101 - Amendment requiring safeguards for the early opening of Absentee Ballots.

H548 - Ballot Initiative Transparency


S1280 - Changed School Board Elections from the obscure May date to the November Municipal Election for increased voter turnout.


S1072 - Requires School Board Candidates to file financial disclosures of donations and expenditures.

Sponsor of Legislation That Matters to Idahoans


H500 - Fairness in Women’s Sports Act prohibiting biological males from competing with females.

H340 - Provides more options for residential substance abuse programs for teens.


S1096 - Parental Rights in Education affirming that parents have the primary responsibility in their children’s education.


Kaela Davis

St. Maries, ID

Senator Doug Ricks

Rexburg, ID

Senate President Pro Tem Chuck Winder

Meridian, Idaho

Senator Lori Den Hartog

Kuna, Idaho

Senator Jim Rice

Caldwell, Idaho

Senator Jim Guthrie

McCammon, Idaho

Senator Scott Grow

Eagle, ID

Senator Steven Thayn

Emmett, Idaho

Linda Rider, Cattle Rancher

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho